Gifts for Frog Lovers!

Everyone knows someone who loves frogs! If you’re looking for a gift for the frog lover in your life, take a look at these unique froggy gifts.

Unique Frog Desk Clock

Our Frog Metal Stone Colored Desk Clock is bright, colorful and stylized to the max; it would delight even Kermit! Putting the fun back in function is all in a day’s work for this merry frog, whose quartz timepiece runs on one AA battery. Delightful on a desk, cheerful on a counter and sassy on a shelf, this whimsical and unique frog clock tells everyone who sees it that it’s time for fun!

Frog Magnet Clock

If you love witty and clever interior decoration, you won’t find any more charming than this high-quality frog magnetic clock.

Or how about this clever Frog Fan?

Unique Frog Fan

Don’t worry, be happy, is the message our witty Frog fan conveys. With his bulging eyeballs, goofy grin and jaunty attitude, the Frog fan will definitely bring about a metamorphosis in your decor. This amusing amphibian’s working fan provides a serious amount of cool—he gives new meaning to the term “green appliance”!

All of these cool frog gifts are available at Frankenfern’s Collectibles and Gifts.
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